The best cocktail bars in Helsinki

The best cocktail bars in Helsinki
A cocktail, a drink or a sip. A beloved child has many names. Helsinki has experienced a cocktail bar renaissance and there are now plenty of really good quality bars in the city.

An interesting trend in cocktail bars is the so-called ” speakeasies “, or prohibition-style illegal bars. Bars you won’t find unless you really know where to look. If it’s hard to find your way out of the escape room, the challenge for these rooms are opposite. Flavorado guides you where to go in Helsinki for a unique cocktail experience.

Liberty or Death

Erottajankatu 5 – 00100 Helsinki

To be precise, the Sidecar cocktail includes a sugar rim. A little blunder in a classic bar.

Thick black curtains on the windows and Hip Hop on the speakers. Liberty or Death was the first of the Son of a Punch chain of bars and the popularity and buzz is intense. The model is taken from Brooklyn, right down to the interior. Bare concrete and heavy metallic menus. Imaginative seasonal drinks on the menu and classics available on request. A great atmosphere every night.

Chihuahua Julep

Erottajankatu 9 – 00100 Helsinki

The doormat alone tells you that you are at the right door. The black windows reveal nothing. Ring the doorbell and in a moment it will be answered. The small but beautifully decorated bar has a speakeasy feel. A phone ban underscores the unique atmosphere of the bar. People come here to enjoy themselves, not to stare at their phones. “The Agave Friendly Cocktail Bar”, with teguilas and mezcals at the top. The cocktail list changes three times a year, depending on the season. Great and creative flavour combinations. The cabinet also has rare rums, tequila and whisky to taste as they come. Unbeatable service and atmosphere. One more reason to come to Helsinki – even from abroad.

Runar Bar

Fabianinkatu 6 – 00130 Helsinki

A stylish and relaxed bar in the lobby of Hotel F6. Looks can be deceiving; this is not your average bar, which you’ll find in every hotel next to the reception. There’s a real emphasis on drinks – few bars have a bartender on duty in the back kitchen during the day to prepare the evening’s drinks. It’s also a highly regarded place among bartenders. There are no ready-made menus, or even necessarily any specifically named drinks. Creative flavours from all sides. An example is the Balsa tree infused Collins. Due to the back kitchen shift, ready-made blends are also available, so service is prompt even when the place is packed.


Kluuvikatu 2 – 00100 Helsinki

Famous Finnish TV-Chef Tomi Björck and his partners’ latest fine dining restaurant focuses on the land of the rising sun, Japan. You don’t necessarily have to come to eat, but you can pop into the bar for Japanese-influenced cocktails. The list is very interesting. Often based on classic drinks, but with the addition of Japanese ingredients such as Sake, Yuzu, Soba and Seaweed. It’s worth being brave enough to try everything on the list. The bartenders at Sanchome know what they’re doing.

Trillby & Chadwick

Katariinankatu (something), 00170 Helsinki

A very hard-to-find speakeasy. Once you find the right door on the monotonous Katariinankatu and get to the lobby, you have to use the 19th century handset phone hanging on the wall to call the bar. After a moment, a hatch in the wooden door opens and staff peeks in on the newcomers. The story of the speakeasy is based on the tale of English detectives Hildebrand Trillby and Ashcroft Chadwick. The two men progressed from being prospectors of rectified spirit to smugglers during Prohibition in Finland and set up a speakeasy in this very same location. The interior is adapted from the story. Here too, the bar has a strict no-phone policy. The cocktail menu is divided into three sections; house signatures, classics with the bar’s own twist and Gin & Tonics to suit your tastes. There’s plenty to choose from and the service is top notch.

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