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Beer traveller’s Stockholm – Best pubs in Södermalm

Stockholm Södermalm pubs Kvarnen

If you’re a beer lover, head to the pubs of Södermalm on your trip to Stockholm. Bars offer good beers from all over the world as well as Swedish brews – some of which are of an excellent standard.

Humlehof Bistro

Folkungagatan 128, 116 30 STOCKHOLM

A couple of hundred metres up Folkungagatan from the Viking Line terminal and you’ll see a very smartly decorated beer room/restaurant. There’s a pharmacy ceiling and impressive chandeliers on the ceiling. A classic feel, with a sleek touch. German and Czech beers are plentiful. Quite an affordable place.

The Big Ben Pub

Folkungagatan 97, 116 30 Stockholm, Ruotsi

The Big Ben Pub, as its name suggests, has a strong English style inside. Dim lighting and dark solid wood. A good 10 taps on the counter. Shepherds Neame often has two real ales. The Bishops Finger in particular justifies sitting in this pub alone for a whole day. In the bottles you can find, among other things, a Chimay`s colour range. A very relaxed atmosphere with ocasional lounge jazz.


tukholma honey-honey

Folkungagatan 59, 116 22 Stockholm On the corner of Folkungagatan and Östgötagatan, the bar that bears the name of Abba’s song calls itself a gastropub. On a Wednesday afternoon, none of the customers seem to be hungry, but thirsty. Classic solid wood is again popular in the interior design. Ten taps, including Sleeping Buldog from the island of Gotland. The atmosphere is created by the Billy Idol in the loudspeakers and the very reasonable prices.


Kocksgatan 19 – Stockholm

As the name suggests only beers up to 3.5% by alcohol volume are available – thanks to Swedish legislation. But this is a great place to get a taste of what breweries are capable of these days in the low-alcohol beer category. For example a deliciously crisp, classic pilsner from Göteborgs nya brygger. The popular crispy crust pizza is baked in the oven to accompany the beer.



Tjärhovsgatan 4, 116 21 Stockholm

An Art Nouveau house built in 1908 with a magnificent classic restaurant on the ground floor. The patinated bar desk of the time goes on indefinitely. A good dozen taps of Staropramen and Eriksberg, among others on the bar. At the back of the hall is the Bakfickan, a room where the focus is on Swedish and Czech microbrewery beer. The waiters are wearing silk waistcoats. This is a perfect setting for a beer moment. Unfortunately the lunch is only medium level.

Den Gröne Jägaren

Götgatan 64, 118 26 Stockholm

Hundreds of years of history. The old side is a cosy, atmospheric wooden bar, the new side a Irish sports pub. The beer selection is limited to the big names; Staropramen, Brooklyn and Brewdog to name a few. You can also get Falcon, the pride of the country (which does not mean that its the greatest beer). One glass size, 4dl. Prices are basic.

Restaurang Axela


Ten taps from quite big brands. Also Staropramen. The restaurant’s own lager is also available, made by Stallarholmen Brewery. It doesn’t cause much rejoicing, however. Cheap and edible lunches are available to accompany the beer. A stunning terrace extends the space during the summer.

Hirschenkeller Götgatsbacken

Götgatan 46, Stockholm, T-Medborgarplatsen

Founded in 1976, the restaurant chain has a few locations around Stockholm. The semi-deserted bar is quite dim, despite the large windows. The name might suggest otherwise, but German beers are mainly limited to Paulaner. There are other beers, of course, from both the Czech Republic and Sweden. On the food menu, schnitzels and similar manly dishes. Prices are quite reasonable.

Omnipollos Hatt

Hökens gata 1A, 116 46 Stockholm, Ruotsi

Södermalm Omnipollos Hatt

A small brewpub from the globally acclaimed Omnipollo. Ten taps, including a couple of beers other than the brewery’s own. Of course the beers from the “ice cream brewery” are available topped with lemon slush. A real stone oven bakes pizzas when you need to get some salt in your body.

Oliver Twist

Repslagargatan 6, 118 46 Stockholm, Ruotsi

Stockholm Oliver Twist

The legendary Oliver Twist established in 1993 always has 24 taps on counter. Swedish breweries, large and small, can be found. Servings are available from 1.5 dl upwards. A staggering range of bottles opens up in the fridges. A very popular lunch spot too. One of the best pubs in Södermalm.

Neverland Pub & Restaurang

Medborgarplatsen 3, 118 72 Stockholm

Fresh prawns from Norway at Toast Skagen are second to none.

In Södermalm Market Hall you will find one stall and another, as well as a restaurant. There is also a cosy pub with a limited beer list but excellent food.

Black & Brown Inn

Hornsgatan 50 B • 118 21 Stockholm

The bar on the corner of Mariatorget is attractive just by its appearance. Inside the charm only doubles. The place opens at noon on weekends. As soon as it opens the dimly lit wooden bar starts to draw crowds of shopaholics for a drink. Twenty taps offer beers from the local area and from further away around the world. And there’s plenty of bottles to choose from. A great atmosphere.

Corno Strada – BAR & KÖK

Hornsgatan 37, 118 21 Stockholm, Sweden

An Italian-Turkish bar on Hornsgatan, the street that runs through Södermalm. Ten taps with traditional Norrlands guld, but also Firestone and Grängesbergs. The early opening time (Sat 11am) makes this a good starting point for a tour of Södermalm pubs.

Blå dörren

Södermalmstorg 6, 116 45 Stockholm

Only five taps, but there’s a delightful range of bottles to choose from. There are also small Swedish breweries. Food tends to be Greek, but Swedish food is also available. Lunch starts early, so you can skip the breakfast and start your Södermalm pub tour here.

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