About Us


We encourage our readers to embrace the Flavor. Flavor of food. Flavor of good wine, beer and cocktails. Flavor of travel destinations, food market or winery you should definitely visit. Flavor of new cuisines and restaurants. We want to encourage our readers to succeed in the home kitchen and encourage you to discover new food and drink experiences.

Since 2004 we have been building one of the most popular food and wine online magazine in Finland called “Reseptitaivas” (translated as Recipe Heaven). At our best, we have had over 60 000 unique visitors per week. That’s a good number for a country / language of 5 500 000 inhabitants. Small private media were able to challenge larger ones by being agile and embracing new technologies.

This culinary knowledge, combined with understanding of modern web technologies – we are now ready to expand around the world.

In 2022, we decided to take a long-overdue big step and start translating our content into English. The change was not only linguistic, but the domain and the name also had to be internationalised.

This is how Flavorado.com was born.

And its journey is just beginning. New authors and content are now being sought worldwide. New technologies and platforms are being explored, tested and added: Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Avatar technology, Metaverse and the Internet of Things. In the near future, these will create entirely new ways to reach our readers and serve them in their daily journey of Flavors.

We believe that after all, it’s your fridge’s job to go to supermarket and tell you what’s for dinner. Your wine cabinet can act as your wine advocate and educator. Metaverse avatar will act as your guide in a foreign city and lead you to the restaurants that are just right for you.

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