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Beer travellers Bratislava – 7 tips for pubs and brewery restaurants

Olut Bratislava
Slovakia and its capital Bratislava offers an excellent framework for beer tourism with some of the lowest prices in Europe. See where to head in the city for a taste of great Slovakian beers.

Bratislava’s Old Town is full of nice little cafes, each of which also sells beer. If you’re a beer lover, these trendy cake galleries aren’t enough of course, so head away from the worst tourist streets to the authentic pubs where you can drink a big pints in a relaxed atmosphere with excellent food.

Bratislava’s advantage is also its affordability; you can’t get a beer this cheap in almost any other European capital! A half litre pint goes for just over a euro and you can fill your stomach with a few coins on top.

Is there strong beer in Slovakia?!

The first question mark for a foreign traveller is the strength of the beer, when the product label says, for example, 15% or 15°. How many of these do you dare to refute?

In Slovakia, and in beer countries in general, the alcohol content of beer is irrelevant. Beer is brewed with an alcohol content that is just as strong as is important for the taste. In Slovakia this usually means 5% to 7%. On labels, beers are classified according to their malt gravity, or gravity of the strain, on a ° scale; meaning that light lagers 10° through to the strongest 15° pukka.

Slovakian beer glossary

  • Pivo – beer
  • Svetlý ležiak – lager, usually pilsner-style beer that is briskly hopped
  • Tmavý pivo – dark beer
  • Čapované pivo – tap beer
  • Fľaškové pivo – bottled beer
  • Nealko pivo – non-alcoholic beer

Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar

Drevena 8, Bratislava

Historic brewery-restaurant with roots dating back to 1868. Exactly 100 years later, the place was closed down when Soviet tanks swept into town. In the 2000s, the building was renovated and reopened to the delight of Bratislava residents and mini-pimps, who can produce their own beers using the brewery’s modern equipment.

Beer Bratislava Bratislavsky mestiansky pivovar bar

The Pimano restaurant has plenty of seating on three floors. Even so, on a Sunday afternoon, there are not many empty tables in the restaurant. The menu is full of hearty Central European meat dishes, as well as Slovakian traditional dishes and beer snacks.

Beers Bratislava Bratislavsky mestiansky pivovar bryndzove halusky
Bryndzove halusky 6,70€. Crispy roasted bacon and mashed potatoes in Bryndzove cheese.

There are two beers in the house:
Bratislavsky Leziak 12° 2,10€ 0,5l. Aromatic malty aroma. Slightly sour, dry and full-bodied beer, well hopped.

Bratislavsky Bubak 12° 1,90€ 0,4l. A dark and wonderfully foamy dry stout with toastiness and dark chocolate.

Zámocký pivovar

Zámocká 794/13, 811 01 Bratislava

The “Castle Inn” can be found on the street leading up to the castle, next to the Old Town. The downstairs restaurant has a serene atmosphere, the upstairs pub is where the action is. The menu includes traditional Slovak dishes, snacks, steaks, schnitzel and burgers.

Beers Bratislava Zamocky pivovar

A very wide range of beers from the brewery’s own brewery, from lager to bock – unfortunately not all of them were available. If even a strong beer seems too weak, you can buy 45% beer juice for 29€/1l.

Beers Bratislava Zamocky pivovar food

Zámocké svetlé 12° 1,50€ / 0,3l. A toasty malty lager.

Zámocký Keller 11° 1,50€ / 0,3l. Tightly flavored, but very smooth cellar beer.

Slovak pub

Obchodna 62, 81106 Bratislava

Slovak pub advertises itself as Bratislava’s biggest bar. The pub-restaurant on the second floor of the building is quite large. There are several different halls for smokers and non-smokers alike. The interior has the warmth of a cozy wooden bar. Historical great men on the walls and checkered lines on the tables. Worth a visit if you can stand the crappy Slavic music blaring from the speakers.

Olut Bratislava Slovak pub

The menu at the Slovak pub is stunning. Men’s food and traditional Slovak dishes to suit all tastes, and the prices are very reasonable.

Beer Bratislava Slovak pub food
Bratwurst, mustard and horseradish €3.50. Potato pancake with cheese and tartar sauce 2,80€

Corgon 4sladový 1,20€ / 0,3l. A good malty pilsner with a hint of sweetness and aroma like whisky.

Corgon Tmavy Maurus 1,30€ / 0,3l. Dark chocolaty, fairly light beer.

Verne Cafe

Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, 81102 Bratislava

An art bar on the pedestrian boulevard in the Old Town. It has a cozy maze inside, but the best thing about the place is definitely the gorgeous chestnut-shaded terrace, where you can sit and watch the city go by. The menu includes café-style snacks such as toasts and pasta salads.

Beer Bratislava Verne cafe

In addition to the traditional “Urks”, the beer selection includes a dark, slightly sweet lager from Craft Brewery Saris at a modest price: €1.30 / 0.3l

LE ŠENK craft beer cafe

Zámocké schody 2, Bratislava

Olut Bratislava Le Senk

Located near the Ison Bridge, under the castle, you’ll find a place that calls itself a craft beer café, with a chalkboard featuring trendy brands such as Mikkeller & Brewdog. The atmosphere is like a Kaurismäki bar brought back to 2015. Whatever the EU laws, half of the bar is dedicated to smokers, and they seem to have taken an indelible liking to the place.

The taproom also sells Stupavarin, a rather light wheat beer from Slovak microbrewery Stupavarin for €1.30/0.3l.

Prevádzka Budweiser Budvar

Cintorínska 19, Bratislava

A little way from the Old Town, but definitely worth a walk or a taxi ride. The large patio terrace is sure to be full of happy beer drinkers on a beautiful summer’s day. The extensive menu is a little more elegant than usual, but still cheap for a Finn.

Beer Bratislava Prevadzka Budweiser Budvar

The name already tells you about the beer selection, but this Budvar is straight from the tank, which is quite a bit better than the bottled stuff we get here. Small Budvar 1,30€ / 0,3l

Prevádzka Prazdroj

Mostová 8, 81102 Bratislava

Olut Bratislava prevadzka prazdroj

In the city centre, a stone’s throw from the river, you’ll find the popular Pilsner Urguell’s namesake restaurant. The elegantly wood-brick-floored restaurant has copper pans and pipes in the ceiling to tell you that here you can get Uruguell straight from the tank. And it’s good. And cheap. 1,95€ / 0,5l

Beer Bratislava prevadzka prazdroj food
Goat cheese and bread 3,20€. Smoked beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce 4,50€.

Text and photos: Janne Suomi

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