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Dezzani Albarossa


Classic Italian label. Nostalgia lovers will easily find a bottle on the shelf at wine store. The Albarossa grape is a real speciality from Piedmont, of which Nebbiolo is of course the first to come to mind. According to the importer; the Albarossa is a rare grape variety grown on only 200 hectares in Piedmont. Albarossa was developed by crossing Nebbiolo with Barbera in the 1930s.

The aroma of wine has cherry, spices and earthiness. Quite full-bodied. The wine is fresh, acidic and balanced. But hold on when there is food on the plate! With food, a good wine becomes an excellent. The wine’s latent energy comes to life. Food and wine complement each other perfectly.

Pasta and tomato-based meat sauce, Bolognese for example, is the perfect wine & food pairing for Dezzani’s Albarossa. Good price.

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